MR100-350SS Channel System

Large-scale UV Channel Systems installed in fish farm facility in Denmark


2 x MR100-350SS Channel Systems

The Danish trout and pike perch producer, AquaPri, decided in 2016 to expand its production facilities due to the increasing demand for fish. The new fish farm plant was originally designed without a UV system in place, but through the startup phase the problems with bacteria grew rapidly. Therefore, ULTRAAQUA’s challenge was to properly design and size a UV system for retrofit, that effectively ensure protection against bacteria, increased the survival rate and drastically reduced the use of medication.

The main systems are two MR100-350SS Channel units which were chosen for keeping the recirculated water free of diseases. The units have a disinfection volume of 2600 m3/h / unit in a very compact area, where the footprint of the 35kW unit is under 1 m2. Each unit holds 100 pcs of 350W lamps, with a guaranteed lamp lifetime of 16000 hours, which can save up to 22% in operational cost. Ultraaqua has developed the most powerful yet most efficient UV-systems in the market, where the long lifetime and efficiency is a result of 20 years research and development work. The guaranteed 16000 hours lifetime is achieved by an advanced optimization between the lamps and its ballast.

The Channel system is developed for fully automatic use. An advanced PLC control is constantly monitoring and adjusting the electrical parameters of each individual lamp to ensure their optimal performance to meet dose requirements in the most energy efficient way.

By incorporating our UV Channel to be part of AquaPri’s water treatment system, the mortality is reduced significantly, while the stability is increasing.

The owner of AquaPri, is very satisfied with his newly installed ULTRAAQUA channel units, since the facility experienced a log 4 reduction in bacteria count after installing the units. As a result, this has created a much more stable environment for the fish, which has increased feed rates and overall growth in the population.

“We measure bacteria level though our online system in RAS system A and we can see a significant effect of the UV system when we turn it on.” (Martin Vestergaard – Company manager)

Graph below shows clarity of the water. UV system was turned on the 9th of January 2017.

If you are interested in more technical information about this product or any of Ultraaqua’s UV systems please contact us at ULTRAAQUA@ULTRAAQUA.COM.