The ColoGuard Project


Ultraaqua UV introduces the new project ColoGuard


High tech, infection reducing and energy saving UV solution for successfully colostrum feeding of calves.

Ultraaqua is currently working on developing a new innovative UV equipment called ColoGuard, which focuses on ensuring the highest quality of colostrum for feeding newborn calves. The project’s partners include Calvex A/S Denmark, CMR On-Side RD, Aalborg University and Arhus University.

The project is possible due to GUDP financial support, investing an amount of 4.396.437 DKK. GUDP (Green Development and Demonstration Program) is a business support scheme that is helping solving the key challenges, especially in the food industry.

Since colostrum represents the calf’s first vital meal, our desire is to combat the major source of transmission of infectious and food-borne agent in cattle farming.The ColoGuard device, which combines a number of technologies, ensures clean colostrum for the calf without loosing the important antibodies in the milk.

The ColoGuard Equipment combines three existing food technologies for 3 outputs and 5 units:

* the cassette
* a specially designed bag
* a hot and cooling water bath in a rotary
* an ultraviolet C light (UVC)
* an ultrasonic probe
The combination of technologies for ColoGuard have a patentable and international news value and high grow potential. The system is estimated to reduce infection via colostrum by 25-50%, energy consumption by 8-13% and processing time by 40-50%, which will represent a great achievement in the market.

More information about this project can be read on the Environment & Food Minister – Nature Business Authority webpage.

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