ULTRAAQUA UV Company Profile

ULTRAAQUA UV was founded by Danish water treatment scientists in 1996. It is a recognized and well-established research-based manufacturer of high quality UV-disinfection systems for both municipal and industrial water treatment applications.

The success has resulted in the installation of large scale UV-systems in more than 100 different countries worldwide.

ULTRAAQUA UV allocates many resources to research and development activities. We have close cooperation with several universities and R&D groups in different countries. These activities ensure that we can support our customers with cutting-edge knowledge and that we constantly gather information about our products from hands-on experiences in very diverse environments.

Our product range covers all typical applications such as disinfection of drinking water, waste water, industrial process water. We also manufacture systems for special applications such as photochemical oxidation of ultrapure water and de-chlorination of pool water.

ULTRAAQUA UV has distributors worldwide. They are carefully selected in order to guarantee qualified support of our valued customers. Please contact us with information on type of application and geographic location and we will inform about relevant distributor.





Skjølstrup & Gronborg A/S was founded by company owners Ole Gronborg and Jens Skjolstrup in 1996. The first innovative UV systems were based on knowledge gained from various research activities within water treatment conducted at Aalborg University, Denmark. In addition to ultraviolet sterilization, research work focused on technologies such as ozonation, biofiltration and filtration of particles (particle analysis). Due to increasing commercial activities, research professorships were gradually reduced over time. UV systems were marketed under the ULTRAAQUA UV brand name.



Full focus on company development has now positioned Skjolstrup & Gronborg A/S as a worldwide distributor of professional UV systems. The product range is now complete with UV systems optimized for all major markets. In recent years third party validated systems typically used for drinking water sterilization and channel UV systems often used for wastewater disinfection have been launched. R&D is still the backbone of the company. This has not only led to development of market leading core components, but also to development of new business areas such as ballast water treatment and swimming pool dechloramination. Both applications are based on ULTRAAQUA UV technology.



Desmi Ocean Guard A/S was founded in 2009 by three shareholders: Desmi A/S, A.P. Moller-Maersk and ULTRAAQUA A/S. The company produces environmentally safe and extremely energy-efficient ballast water disinfection systems based on UV technology. The OXYCLEAN concept is unique and is the only UV-based system on the market, which is both type approved and IMO approved in fresh water as well as seawater. In contrast to the widely used chlorine based systems, the OxyClean ballast water treatment systems pose no risk to the environment, the ship crew nor the ballast water tanks. Please contact Desmi Ocean Guard for more information (www.desmioceanguard.com)



InBlue AB was founded in 2010 by ULTRAAQUA and Jysk Svommebadsteknik A/S. It is a scientific-based engineering company selling key equipment and engineering to achieve the healthiest bathing water in the world. inBlue offers a highly innovative, intelligent pool treatment concept. The concept takes its point of departure in an entirely new, proactive approach to sanitation, according to which pollutants and sources of by-product formation are targeted at the source, hydraulically transported and removed rapidly in the treatment plant. One of the core components is the ULTRAAQUA Multiray UV systems. Potentially toxic byproducts and all microorganism are eliminated effectively and efficiently. The ULTRAAQUA Multiray UV systems are based on medium-pressure technology. UV lamps are optimized in order to emit rays at the most efficient wavelengths in order to ensure very healthy – non-allergenic water.