Drinking Water UV disinfection

The UV treatment of drinking water is vital to protecting public health. Common threats are chlorine-resistant microorganisms such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia as well as fecal organisms such as E. coli and numerous other pathogens. Such microorganisms constantly pose a potential health risk in unprotected drinking water. Drinking water related diseases can be fatal and the associated costs can add up to billions of dollars worldwide.


Chlorine has been widely used as primary disinfectant worldwide. However, since chlorine by-products have shown to be potentially carcinogenic and problems with chlorine resistant organisms growing, UV water disinfection is now in general preferred technology.

Due to many incidents of infected drinking water even in areas with high quality water source, many municipalities have started to install UV systems at their drinking water supply to provide increased confidence.

ULTRAAQUA UV systems are also excellent for back-up because they can be in full operation within minutes. Some places UV systems are also used as part of a multi-barrier design in combination with technologies such as membrane filtration or chemical disinfection.

ÖNORM M 5873-1 Bioassay validated UV systems
The World’s most efficient UV system for drinking water

ULTRAAQUA UV has installed more than one thousand UV systems worldwide. We are constantly involved in R&D projects within this field. Moreover, the ULTRAAQUA UV Group have both R&D and practical experience with technologies such as advanced filtration and ozone/chlorine oxidation so that technical support is unmatched.

Therefore one entirely new product line has recently been added – ÖNORM VALIDATED UV SYSTEMS FOR DRINKING WATER APPLICATIONS – based on ULTRAAQUA UV’s new patent pending SwirlFlow™ technology.

The new SSV series test results are shown in the table below in “Power efficiencies of UV disinfection plants – 2017 | A.W. Schmalweiser”. They show that the ULTRAAQUA’s bioassay validated UV unit beats all the other UV systems in power efficiency. This outcome was achieved due to ULTRAAQUA UV’s patent pending SwirlFlow™ technology. By using SwirlFlow™ technology it was possible to optimize the complete SSV UV series for a wide range of UVT applications from 70% to 98% instead of only one UVT application.

SPC = Specific Power Consumption – Lower is better                   

The ÖNORM M 5873-1 bioassay validated UV system series are typically used for drinking water applications around the world. The SSV UV series have an advanced certified UV sensor, ULTRAWIPER™ automatic quartz sleeve and sensor window cleaning system, automatic dose monitoring and automatic dimming of lamps depending on measured UV irradiance.

Whether the project requires DVGW or ÖNORM,  ULTRAAQUA UV has validated solutions for your drinking water application. Our products range from small UV systems for small communities to large municipal water treatment plants. All systems are based on the same technology as our validated systems guaranteeing full efficacy in the complete range.

Please contact one of our carefully selected distributors or the ULTRAAQUA UV engineering team for support in order to ensure proper design and sizing.


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