Norwegian Veterinary Institute Validation

ULTRAAQUA UV systems are approved by the Norwegian Veterinary Institute – a biomedical research institute and the national leading center of expertise in biosecurity of fish and land animals.

This makes ACN ULTRABARRIER™ systems particularly suitable for intake water application in the aquaculture industry.

ACN ULTRABARRIER™ – Optimized FIREWALL technology for intake water

UV systems series ACN ULTRABARRIER™ was engineered specifically for intake water in the aquaculture sector. The unique shape, achieved through the meticulous development process, helps to increase the performance of hydraulics, significantly reduce head-loss and eliminate dark areas. Depending on the source of intake water – options for stainless steel AISI316L (SS) and corrosion-resistant polypropylene (PP) are available.

DVGW/ÖNORM validated Duplex UV sensor

Certified DVGW/ÖNORM UV sensor guarantees secure water disinfection for any situation. ACN ULTRABARRIER™ series for intake water comes with two ÖNORM validated sensors. This enables the system to continuously regulate the dose of UV and ensure biosecurity in the fish farms.

ULTRAAQUA UV Automatic Wiper System

Wiper systems by ULTRAAQUA UV are fully automated cleaning systems designed to last even in salt environments. A compact design allows full access to lamps and quartz and changing the wiper rings can be done in a few minutes without tools. The cleaning interval can be adjusted to suit the application demand and extend the lifetime of components.

Quality meets affordability
High hydraulic efficiency - fewer lamps required, reduced total lamp cost
Approved by the Norwegian Veterinary Institute for intake water in aquaculture systems
+5000 aquaculture installations worldwide
Profound knowledge on aquaculture systems