SRB – Oil and Gas UV Disinfection

Sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) can have very detrimental effects in gas and oil technology. SRB are a group of specialized microorganisms that occur in aqueous environments in the absence of oxygen. Organic nutrients are reduced to sulfide (hydrogen sulfide – H2S) when oxidized with sulfate. The formed H2S is the principal agent in the disastrous effects caused by SRB. It contaminates gas and stored oil, precipitates ferrous sulfide that plugs injection wells and promotes corrosion of iron and steel in the absence of oxygen (anaerobic corrosion). Another principal mechanism by which SRB are involved in corrosion is their ability to depolarize iron surfaces by consumption of cathodically formed hydrogen.

To eliminate the SRB problems ULTRAAQUA can supply efficient standalone UV systems or fully integrated containerized packages, with all necessary equipment to include UV reactor, combined control cabinet, manifolds, valves and pre-filter if applicable. ULTRAAQUA engineers will be pleased to assist in finding the right solution for your specific application – whether that be one of our standard systems or a custom-made solution.

We have vast experience in building treatment systems for corrosive environments. For various marine applications, we have supplied systems in high-grade steel such as Duplex, Super duplex, SMO254 and titanium as well as PP or PEHD plastics. Our UV systems are of the highest possible quality due to a design made for operation in harsh environments and stringent manufacturing standards.

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