The world’s most efficient UV system for swimming pool water


MultiRay Medium-Pressure systems by ULTRAAQUA are designed and optimized for disinfection and chloramine reduction in swimming pool water.

Scientific research conducted over the last 10 years showed that during normal operation of a swimming pool, the majority of the combined chlorine measured is composed of organic chloramine compounds. This occurs as the result of the chlorine used as a disinfection solution. Therefore, if not controlled properly, it can cause a respiratory, immune system, digestive, skin and blood problems.

ULTRAAQUA R&D team is continuously developing their products to improve commercial and industrial water quality. Consequently, ULTRAAQUA committed to developing medium pressure UV lamps and reactors to successfully photolyze the organic combined chlorine from the swimming pool water to maintain it at a low level.

ULTRAAQUA MP3000 swimming pool water


Specifications of MultiRay MP systems:

– Electropolished high-grade steel or plastic for resistance against chlorides
– Energy saving due to electronic ballast capable of lamp dimming based on sensor value, combined chlorine level or timer
– Minimum head loss
– PLC control module with touchscreen
– Double security against overheating
– Operating pressure up to 10 bar
– Two options cleaning – manual and automatic

New UV sensor dedicated to swimming pool water

Sensor easily cleaned, serviced or replaced under operation due to an integrated valve.

Additional MultiRay MP systems’ features for swimming pool solutions:

– Artificial quartz lamps eliminate solarization problems associated with natural quartz
– Quartz and lamp positioning designed to optimize UV dose distribution
– All internal parts from UV resistant PTFE or high-grade chloride resistant steel
– MultiRay MP standard systems up to 12kW. ULTRAAQUA offers an option for larger systems upon request


MultiRay MP system has developed specific ULTRATHERM medium – pressure lamps. These lamps are designed for high radiation output to maximize photo-oxidation performance:

– Lifetime 9000 hours
– Output capability 200 – 240 nm

ULTRAAQUA MP3000 swimming pool water


Few of MultiRay MP worldwide success cases:

– MP3000 and MP6000 in Lalandia Waterpark in Billund, Denmark
– 7 systems MP3000 – MP12000 in Hyllie Water Park in Malmö, Sweden
 – MP1000 in Hässleholm, Sweden
 – MP3000 in Filborna, Sweden
– World Expo in Shangai, China

If you want to know more about MultiRay MP systems, you can download our latest brochure HERE.

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