ULTRAAQUA UV Atlantic shrimp farm case study in Nigeria


ULTRAAQUA UV near Lagos, Nigeria

4 of ULTRAAQUA UV Disinfection systems are vigorously disinfecting water of Monodon shrimp farm against White Spot Syndrome Virus near Lagos, Nigeria. All systems are made from polypropylene material making them saltwater resistant and perfect solution for warmer climates.

OpenChannel UV system 2x MR42-350PP

OpenChannel UV system 2x MR42-350PP

ULTRATouch control cabinets and ULTRAWiper systems – convenience at your fingertips

All ULTRAAQUA UV systems (except one lamp ones) have an option of ULTRAWiper automatic wiper systems that completely eliminates regular maintenance of your quartz sleeve. The wiper rings available are made from Teflon (that is completely UV transmittal) or steel brush for lower UVT (UV transmittance) water.

ULTRATouch control cabinets together with UV sensor will secure operational costs by automatically dimming the light when the lesser UV dose in needed. Also each lamp has its own separate indicator which it allows for simple problem detection in case of an accident.

Finally, all UV systems possess design philosophy allowing regular maintenance done without any tools and manageable with minimum training.

MR6-350 PP for Aquaculture in Nigeria

MR6-350 PP for Aquaculture in Nigeria

ULTRAAQUA UV disinfection – future standard for your aquaculture

ULTRAAQUA UV R&D department has a huge focus on developing products for aquaculture sector. With increasing numbers of RAS around the world, ULTRAAQUA UV today knows what is best for your fishfarm disinfection. Our knowledge is based on over 20 years of experience working with all types of water qualities and customers from around the world. Not only the goal is to ensure health and safety of food supply, but do it in environmentally aware way.

We strive to offer best optimal solution without selling larger UV systems just for profits. From personal experience, we deeply understand the hard work and dedication it takes to sustain a fish farm and we are here to help.

MR1-75PP for shrimp farm in Nigeria

MR1-75PP for shrimp farm in Nigeria

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