ULTRAAQUA UV and Partner at Busan Seafood Expo 2019


ULTRAAQUA UV and South Korean Aquaculture market

ULTRAAQUA UV was presented at Busan International Seafood & Fisheries EXPO 2019 by its partner Myung Sun Co.,Ltd in South Korea.
It was great to see such a high level of interest from far-away neighbors in ULTRAAQUA UV systems and their benefits.
ULTRAAQUA UV thanks Myung Sun Cp.,Ltd for doing a great job presenting the company in such an informative manner.

Myung Sun Co.,Ltd representative presenting ULTRAAQUA UV

ULTRAAQUA UV and Aquaculture

Since the day of establishment, ULTRAAQUA UV focus and dedication towards the aquaculture sector have led the company into exploring UV technology’s benefits and optimization to deliver the best quality to the end-user.
25 years later, ULTRAAQUA UV company manufactures UV systems with leading energy and disinfection efficiency for the aquaculture sector. Besides the optimization of UV technology, the company has also developed the UV system design to battle any hindrances presented by diverse climates within the aquaculture industry.

Myung Sun Co.,Ltd representative presenting ULTRAAQUA UV

To learn exactly how – please take a look at ULTRAAQUA UV Aquaculture Brochure Here

And Shrimpculture Brochure Here

If you have any further questions or want details, please contact ULTRAAQUA UV sales engineers at sales@ultraaqua.com Who will gladly guide you through endless possibilities with ULTRAAQUA UV.