ULTRAAQUA UV Excellence Series – ULTRATHERM™ UV lamp technology


ULTRAAQUA UV Excellence Series

ULTRAAQUA UV Excellence Series is a campaign exploring the key advantages ULTRAAQUA UV provides for its new and existing partners and customers. Throughout the series, the reader will get an insight into what exactly makes ULTRAAQUA UV one of the leading UV manufacturers today and what it has to offer to those who are in need of an efficient water disinfection unit. Outside the advantages of UV disinfection in itself, ULTRAAQUA UV takes it several steps further with its continuous research and development within different industries. This results in ULTRAAQUA UV providing the world with UV systems like no other.

ULTRATHERM™ UV Lamps and Drivers

16 000h ULTRATHERM™ UV lamps – up to 22% operating cost savings

The UV lamp is the heart of the UV system. Needless to say, ULTRAAQUA UV company has spent thousands of hours developing UV lamps that would not only provide disinfection, but also energy efficiency. This has led to the creation of ULTRATHERM™ UV lamp technology. With a design that is based on 20 years of research and customer feedback, the ULTRATHERM™ lamp is equipped with a special filling that extends UV lamp optimum temperature range from 2-40°C. This doesn’t let different climates affect its disinfection and energy efficiency and enables the UV systems to operate with the same efficiency around the world. Last but not least, ULTRATHERM™ UV lamp replacement is quick and simple and doesn’t require any tools.

ULTRAAQUA UV Quartz sleeves

The ULTRATHERM ™ UV lamp works best when covered with ULTRAAQUA UV quartz sleeve made of the highest grade quartz material available in the market. If not fouled, ULTRAAQUA UV quartz sleeves have an unlimited lifetime.

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ULTRAAQUA UV video catalog

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