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ULTRAAQUA UV is exhibiting at IFAT 2018, 14-18 of May


ULTRAAQUA UV, a well-established research-based manufacturer of high-quality UV-disinfection systems, is exhibiting at IFAT 2018, the world’s leading trade fair for water, sewage and waste management. The exhibition takes place between 14-18 May 2018 in München, Germany.

UV disinfection ensuring the safety of drinking water, wastewater, industrial process water

The treatment of drinking water and wastewater is vital to protecting public health. Therefore ULTRAAQUA UV is determined to provide you the best solutions for both municipal and industrial water treatment applications. Common threats are chlorine-resistant microorganisms such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia as well as fecal organisms such as E. coli and numerous other pathogens. Such microorganisms constantly pose a potential health risk in unprotected drinking water or recreational waters. UV disinfection will kill or inactivate the harmful microorganisms, keeping the water clean and safe. No bacteria, viruses, molds or their spores can withstand this treatment.

Efficient UV clean technology

ULTRAAQUA UV systems guarantee efficient water disinfection, by eliminating all pathogenic microorganism. Our product range covers all typical applications such as disinfection of drinking water, wastewater, industrial process water, from small UV systems for small communities to large municipal water treatment plants. Our Ultratherm UV lamps are the world’s most efficient, with a guaranteed lamp lifetime of 16000 hours.

World most efficient Önorm validated systems

ULTRAAQUA allocates many resources to research and development activities, therefore we developed a new highly efficient design concept on the market, that has been validated according to Önorm M5873-1. The UV systems are designed and optimized for drinking water applications, with a flow range up to 2000 m3/h.

Do you have an application where removal of harmful pathogens is needed?

ULTRAAQUA engineers are pleased to assist in finding the right solution for your specific application – whether that be one of our standard systems or a custom-made solution. You are welcome to visit our booth (A3.545) at IFAT 2018, between 14-18 May, in München, and get insights about UV solutions for water treatment applications. You can also contact us by email and describe your application to us.