ULTRAAQUA UV LUVT series for wastewater disinfection excellence


UV disinfection demand for wastewater

With upcoming EU regulations and requirement to ensure safe environment for all living species, wastewater disinfection is becoming more and more important part of industrial and municipal processes. To provide ULTRAAQUA UV customers with the best environmental technology, R&D team spent long hours developing a maximum optimized UV disinfection technology.

Municipal wastewater in Finland

Municipal wastewater in Finland

Wastewater challenge

The most complex part of the wastewater or colored water is the low UVT transmittance due to the excessive particles compared to other applications. This prevents regular UV light reaching all pathogens in the water due to created “dark areas” calling for a different solution rather than regular UV systems.

Wastewater solution

The excellence of LUVT series lies in the relatively simple solution achieved by our R&D department. By reducing the diameter of the reactor body making lamps to be closer one another as well as the reactor’s walls they were able to ensure UV light reaching all the dangerous pathogens and eliminating them with 99.99% accuracy even in low UVT environments such as wastewater and colored fluids. The best part is that it does not affect the power consumption in regards of the regular UV system, so it does not create any additional costs for the end-user.

LUVT series example

LUVT series example

ULTRAAQUA UV – various solutions for various challenges

One of the ULTRAAQUA UV core strengths lies in not only operation in several markets but also high specialization in them. By caring large portfolio for many industries, ULTRAAQUA UV is well aware of the challenges that comes with each sector. It is of crucial importance for ULTRAAQUA UV to make sure that these issues are addressed and solved, resulting in continuous development of new and existing products.

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