ULTRAAQUA UV General Water Copenhagen Zoo case study – Panda House


Panda house in Copenhagen Zoo

Panda house in Copenhagen Zoo

A few years ago Copenhagen Zoo started a special habitat project for two panda bears coming all the way from China. The new Panda house is supposed to be designed by the Bjarke Ingels BIG Architect Group and is shaped like Yin-Yang symbol as a credit to the bears’ heritage. The new space size will be 2,450 square meters creating a vast area for the pandas and their activities. 

The water source for Panda bears

The new panda house will also have a water source to complete the new habitat. Even though not extremely large, it will play an important role in creating a natural environment and activities for the bears. Most importantly – it will serve as a drinking water source.

Panda house in Copenhagen Zoo

One Lamp systems – compact and secure

The lamp system MR1-350 PP picked for the Panda house was from general water disinfection section. The material chosen is completely resistant to corrosion created by salts or acids, meaning systems’ longevity. Furthermore, the special prolonged lamp shape and higher intensity create investment savings as it can do a job of several others.

What are the advantages?
For the bears – this system is granted security and clean water source to drink and play in. For the customers – increased savings and effortless one lamp system installation and maintenance that relies on the “plug and play” technology.

Type:              One Lamp System
Systems:       MR1-350 PP
Total flow:     55 m3/h


Panda house in Copenhagen Zoo

The project is scheduled to finish in April 2019. To read more about it please visit: Copenhagen Zoo – Panda house