ULTRAAQUA UV swimming pool water case study in World Expo 2010


World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China

World Expo is one of the largest exhibitions in the world that hosts all willing nations around the world and dates back to 1928. The event primarily serves as a platform for countries to share their cultural heritage, values, and achievements with one another. It is famous for its one-of-the-kind architectural pieces and installations. The World Expo in 2010 was hosted in China and attracted 73 million people making it the most attended world expo in history. The year’s theme was “better city, better life” and Denmark utilized its prime resources to demonstrate its take on it.

Danish Pavilion in World Expo 2010

The Danish pavilion by BIG Architect Group

The Danish pavilion was designed by Bjarke Ingels BIG Architects group. The team created a work of art closely resonating with the year’s theme that integrated details of Danish lifestyle and most importantly – made it possible for the visitors to temporarily become part of it. The architects achieved this by making the pavilion interactive in itself – guests had 1500 bikes that could be used through the pavilion’s bike roads, enjoy the picnic or a chance to swim in the swimming pool. The pavilion received around 4.2 million visitors in 184 days of the expo. Furthermore, its design was also the only one that offered natural ventilation system – that was created with the pool cooling that followed the shape of the building – simultaneously ventilating the whole space.

Lastly, the Danish pavilion received a bronze award for “Pavilion Design” category that was being given by event coordinators – Bureau International des Expositions. The evaluation process included the design, construction techniques, and resonance to the year’s theme – better city, better life.

Danish Pavilion in World Expo 2010

Swimming pool and The Little Mermaid

The Expo was special for Denmark because of the decision to transport the original mermaid from Copenhagen to Shanghai. This not only brought a lot of exposure to the country and its effort to share what they love with the world but also offered a twist on an already unique design of pavilion itself. The Little Mermaid was placed in the middle of a swimming pool that was in the center of the pavilion.

Swimming pool in Danish Pavilion at World Expo 2010

MultiRay Medium Pressure UV system for swimming pool water

As part of Danish experience and reference to Harbour Baths in Copenhagen, the pool around The Little Mermaid was suitable for public swimming. With large numbers of visitors in the expo, the efficient water disinfection presented both: a necessity and a challenge. ULTRAAQUA UV with its many years of expertise and sustainable design philosophy not only matched the general topic of the event but was also able to provide a UV system for chloramine reduction in swimming pool water for even the most intense activity.

The MultiRay™ MP system is designed specifically for chloramine reduction in swimming pool water. The core strength of the system lies in the lamp size and intensity combined together with the reactor design features. MultiRay™ MP is able to not only perform most efficiently in swimming pool water but also is compact that makes it a perfect solution for smaller spaces. Offering benefits for not only the installer but also the end-user, MultiRay™ MP is one of the most efficient medium pressure UV systems available on market.

MultiRay™ Medium Pressure UV system for swimming pool water disinfection

MultiRay™ Medium Pressure UV system for swimming pool water disinfection

ULTRAAQUA UV System specifications:

Type:              MultiRay™ Medium-Pressure
System:         MP3000
Total flow:     344 m3/h


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