ACN ULTRABARRIER™ – For Successful Intake Water Disinfection


ULTRAAQUA‘s UV system series ULTRABARRIER™ is engineered specifically for intake water in the aquaculture sector. The unique shape, achieved through the meticulous development process, focuses on:

 – increasing the performance of hydraulics
 – significantly reducing head-loss
 – eliminating dark areas

Norwegian Veterinary Institute approval

ULTRAAQUA ULTRABARRIER™ UV series is approved by the Norwegian Veterinary Institute – biomedical research institute and the national leading center of expertise in biosecurity of fish and land animals. 

Best materials to match all customer’s need

ULTRAAQUA UV has developed the UV stabilized polypropylene (PP) that is resistant material for warm seawater applications due to its non-corrosive construction. For the cold seawater and freshwater applications, ULTRABARRIER™ UV Systems are made of electropolished SS316L inside out. On the outside that results in increased corrosion resistance and on the inside, it increases UV light performance due to internal reflection.

No limits –  low UVT Transmittance excellence

Depending on the intake water source together with location, the UVT (UV transmittance) varies significantly – whether it’s seawater, brackish water or fresh water. ULTRABARRIER™ design with reduced distance between lamps eliminates “dark areas” due to low UVT and successfully disinfects even in poor water qualities.

ULTRAWiper™ – no more manual cleaning

ULTRAWiper is an advanced and robust automatic wiper system that is effective even against the most tenacious scaling without the need for CIP (Clean-in-place) chemical cleaning. This leads to the elimination of handling hazardous chemicals, additional expenses, downtime, and operation costs while keeping the system up and running.

ULTRAtouch™ – collects tracks data so you don’t have to

ULTRAtouch controllers are built to be durable and easy to operate. Behind the ULTRAtouch multicolor touchscreen, an advanced PLC control system is constantly monitoring and adjusting the electrical parameters of each individual lamp. This ensures their optimal performance based on data coming from the two UV sensors. PLC’s event and performance log are saving the information fur further analysis. The ULTRABARRIER™ UV can be controlled via MODBUS, simply by just bringing your ethernet cable in.

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