NVI Certified & Environmental Technology Verification


UV System Series Approved by Norwegian Veterinary Institute

ULTRAAQUA’s UV Systems are approved by Norwegian Veterinary Institute for intake and wastewater disinfection in aquaculture systems and fish processing plants.

This means that when you buy an ULTRAAQUA UV System, you are sure that you are getting a world-leading product that is tested, safe and reliable. Therefore,we guarantee state-of-art UV technology optimized for efficient and trouble-free operation with timely and qualified technical support by experienced engineers.

The series includes all systems from MR1-350 to MR56-350, both in PP and electropolished SS316L, optimized for water flows from 1 to 2530 m3/h per unit.

EU Environmental Technology Verification

In addition, our equipment is certified through the European Environmental Technology Verification Program. ETV is a validation of environmental technology performance by qualified third parties based on test data generated through testing using established protocols or specific requirements.



Why you should  choose an ULTRAAQUA UV System?

  1. World leading UV manufacturer for aquaculture industry – 2000 units sold to aquaculture globally
  2. Approved by Norwegian Veterinary Institute
  3. Certified UV Systems through the EVT
  4. Guaranteed 16000 hours lamp lifetime – Save up to 22% in operational costs
  5. Automatic operation – Optimized power consumption
  6. Non-corrosive, rigid polypropylene – Designed for very harsh environments
  7. Electropolished Stainless Steel 316L – Corrosion resistant
  8. Validated dose control – Certified Önorm UV sensors
  9. Easy lamp change – No tools needed for regular maintenance
  10. Optional advanced auto wiping system – Keeps quartz sleeves clean

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