Patented ULTRAAQUA UV SwirlFlow™ technology
ÖNORM validated series
ÖNORM certified UV sensor
ULTRAWiper™ Automatic wiper system
Blue dots - ULTRAAQUA UV. Lower is better. A.W.Schmalweiser - Power efficiency of UV disinfection plants, 2017

ÖNORM standard

ÖNORM is a third party national validation standard in Austria. This is a voluntary standard that a company can choose to take it upon its products. ÖNORM standard ensures maximum product efficiency, increased quality, and safety for its users.

The world’s most efficient UV for drinking water – ÖNORM validated SSV series

ULTRAAQUA’s ÖNORM validated SSV series are advanced UV disinfection systems typically used for drinking water applications. The SSV UV series have:

  • Advanced certified UV sensor
  • Sensor window wiper system
  • Automatic dose monitoring
  • Automatic dimming of lamps depending on measured UV irradiance
  • Patented SwirlFlow™ technology developed by ULTRAAQUA
  • Corrosion resistant electropolished stainless steel AISI 316L construction
  • Systems suitable for ULTRATHERM™ 220 & 350 lifelong UV lamps
  • 16.000 h lamp lifetime
  • Operating pressure up to 10 bar
  • Event and performance log
  • No tools required for regular maintenance

ULTRAAQUA UV patented SwirlFlow™ technology
The SwirlFlow™ technology developed by ULTRAAQUA UV R&D department is a revolutionary method to ensure optimal and equal UV exposure of all pathogens passing through the chamber.  The unique concept combined with an extensively optimized design provides hydraulic efficiencies around 90% at all water qualities in the operation range. 



Third party validated UV system

The entire SSV product series has been validated according to ÖNORM M 5873-1. ÖNORM Validated UV systems for drinking water applications also has patented SwirlFlow™ technology.

Please note that 220, 350 and 440 series are based on the same design principles and quality components. Key components such as UV lamps, quartz sleeves, lamp drivers, sensors etc. are manufactured according to the exact same very high technical standards.


UVT – UV transmittance

By using SwirlFlow™ technology it was possible to optimize the complete SSV UV series for a wide range of UVT applications from 70% to 98% instead of only one UVT application.



The SSV series have an advanced certified UV sensor, automatic quartz sleeve and sensor window wiper system, automatic dose monitoring and automatic dimming of lamps depending on measured UV irradiance.


Custom-made systems

ULTRAAQUA can offer optimized custom-made UV systems based on your specific requirements. ULTRAAQUA can offer UV systems with customized connection sizes and/or orientation. ULTRAAQUA can also offer even larger systems than the standard current available.


Validated Flow/UVT 75% UVT 80% UVT 85% UVT 90% UVT 96% UVT
MR1-220SSV 9 m³/h 14 m³/h 17 m³/h 22 m³/h 40 m³/h
MR3-220SSV 17 m³/h 24 m³/h 36 m³/h 56 m³/h 112 m³/h
MR4-220SSV 33 m³/h 51 m³/h 81 m³/h 127 m³/h 230 m³/h
MR6-220SSV 50 m³/h 77 m³/h 130 m³/h 193 m³/h 355 m³/h
MR6-350SSV 75 m³/h 119 m³/h 201 m³/h 316 m³/h 590 m³/h
MR8-350SSV 105 m³/h 163 m³/h 267 m³/h 426 m³/h 800 m³/h
MR12-350SSV 158 m³/h 245 m³/h 401 m³/h 658 m³/h 1280 m³/h
MR16-350SSV 210 m³/h 327 m³/h 588 m³/h 919 m³/h 1830 m³/h


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