Systems available in stainless steel(SS) and polypropylene(PP)
Systems suitable for water levels between 1.0m and 2.1m
Modular design to suit channel widths between 0.6m and 1.6m
Asymmetric design ensures even UV exposure when frames are combined
Wall mounting system for reservoir inlet or outlet
System with three flow guide plates to ensure even UV exposure
Large system with optional perforated plate for flow distribution
Custom mounting systems can be made to fit existing channels

Channel and Reservoir Series

ULTRAAQUA’s SS C and PP C Series offers a very low head loss solution for open channel systems. The series is commonly used for municipal wastewater treatment facilities and aquaculture systems. The series is modular and can be expanded to treat any flow.

  • Modular frame and control system
  • Polypropylene or electropolished stainless steel AISI 316l construction
  • Simple installation, operation and maintenance
  • Vertically installed LPHO amalgam lamps accessible during operation and no submerged electrical components
  • No tools needed for maintenance and frames can be handled and installed without lifting devices
  • Continuous lamp perfomance and lifetime monitoring
  • Optional level switch and UV sensor
  • Available with standard or advanced controls
  • Customized systems available




Third party validated UV-system

Our 350 VAL series is performance validated according to Önorm M 5871-1/DVGW Work sheet W294-

Please note that 220, 350 and 440 series are based on the same design principles and quality components. Key components such as UV-lamps, quartz sleeves, lamp drivers, sensors etc. are produced after the exact same very high technical standards.



UVT describes how well UV-light penetrates the water. In relation to UV-system sizing this parameter is as decisive as water flow rate. In general, the higher water quality, the higher UVT. However, water that looks very clear can have low UVT if it contains certain dissolved substances such as iron, manganese). 

Ultraaqua will free of cost measure UVT or we can estimate it based on our vast experiences. For low UVT application, please consider ACN series.


InLine (440 series) or U-configuration (75, 220 and 350 series)

In many cases it is an advantage that inlet and outlet is at the same level. Especially, this often applies for installation into existing pipe systems. If the UV-system is installed with a by-pass, the U-configuration is simpler.


Custom made systems

Ultraaqua can produce optimized custom made UV-systems based on your specific requirements. As an example we can deliver UV-systems with customized connection sizes and/or orientation. We can also produce systems even bigger than the standard stocked systems. Please contact Ultraaqua representative or Ultraaqua directly.



220 SS/PP C Series MR4-220SS/PP C MR6-220SS/PP C MR8-220SS/PP C MR10-220SS/PP C MR12-220SS/PP C
Max. flow 175 m³/h 260 m³/h 350 m³/h 435 m³/h 525 m³/h
Lamp power 1.0 kW 1.5 kW 2.0 kW 2.5 kW 3.0 kW
SS channel width 594 mm +/-8 834 mm +/-8 1074 mm +/-8 1314 mm +/-8 1554 mm +/-8
PP channel width 586 mm +/-8 826 mm +/-8 1066 mm +/-8 1306 mm +/-8 1546 mm +/-8
Min. water level SS/PP 1280 mm 1280 mm 1280 mm 1280 mm 1280 mm
Max. water level SS/PP 1600 mm 1600 mm 1600 mm 1600 mm 1600 mm


350 SS/PP C Series MR4-350SS/PP C MR6-350SS/PP C MR8-350SS/PP C MR10-350SS/PP C MR12-350SS/PP C
Max. flow 280 m³/h 420 m³/h 560 m³/h 700 m³/h 840 m³/h
Lamp power 1.5 kW 2.2 kW 3.0 kW 3.7 kW 4.5 kW
SS channel width 594 mm +/-8 834 mm +/-8 1074 mm +/-8 1314 mm +/-8 1554 mm +/-8
PP channel width 586 mm +/-8 826 mm +/-8 1066 mm +/-8 1306 mm +/-8 1546 mm +/-8
Min. water level SS/PP 1780 mm 1780 mm 1780 mm 1780 mm 1780 mm
Max. water level SS/PP 2100 mm 2100 mm 2100 mm 2100 mm 2100 mm


440 PP C Series MR3-440SS/PP C MR4-440SS/PP C MR5-440SS/PP C MR6-440SS/PP C MR7-440SS/PP C MR8-440SS/PP C
Max. flow 240 m³/h 320 m³/h 400 m³/h 480 m³/h 560 m³/h 640 m³/h
Lamp power 1.4 kW 1.9 kW 2.4 kW 2.8 kW 3.3 kW 3.8 kW
SS channel width 622 mm +/-8 782 mm +/-8 942 mm +/-8 1102 mm +/-8 1262 mm +/-8 1422 mm +/-8
PP channel width 610 mm +/-8 770 mm +/-8 930 mm +/-8 1090 mm +/-8 1250 mm +/-8 1410 mm +/-8
Min. water level SS/PP 1280 mm 1280 mm 1280 mm 1280 mm 1280 mm 1280 mm
Max. water level SS/PP 1600 mm 1600 mm 1600 mm 1600 mm 1600 mm 1600 mm


ULTRAAQUA products are available worldwide. Please use the contact form to the right and we will refer you to the nearest distributor.

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Moscow Metro, Russia

2 MR4-440SS channel series. 1500w UV systems for water disinfection.

Hirtshals, Denmark

2000 m3/h seawater disinfection. 440W polypropylene channel series

Gobi Desert, China.

6 250 m3/h 440 SS series channel systems for 1000 ton salmon production plant (under construction).

Argyll, Scotland.

Wall mounted PP channel system installed at reservoir outlet.