LUVT Systems for Low UVT fluids, from 40 – 70% UVT

The LUVT Systems are parallel to the standard 220 and 350 stainless steel and polypropylene models. The 220/350 LUVT Series has been designed for high turbidity, colored water and wastewater applications. A more compact design reduced the distance between lamps and eliminates “dark areas” resulting from low UVT.

By reducing vessel diameter lamps are moved closer together and closer to the wall of the vessel. Dark areas are reduced and the guaranteed minimum dose received by any organism is dramatically increased without significant effect on average dose compared to a standard system.

  • Designed for applications with poor water qualities, like wastewater
  • Simple installation, operation and maintenance
  • Available with the same features and options as the standard 220 and 350 series
  • 350 PP and SS series approved for water treatment by the ETV (EU Environmental Technology Verification). ETV is a validation of environmental technology performance by qualified third parties based on test data generated through testing using established protocols or specific requirements.



Third party validated UV system

One entirely product series has been validated according to ÖNORM M 5873-1 – UV ÖNORM Validated systems for drinking water applications, based on ULTRAAQUA’s SwirlFlow™ technology.

Please note that 220, 350 and 440 series are based on the same design principles and quality components. Key components such as UV lamps, quartz sleeves, lamp drivers, sensors etc. are manufactured according to the exact same very high technical standards.


UVT – UV transmittance

LUVT Series is optimized and designed for low UVT applications ( from 40 – 70% UVT).

UVT describes how well UV light penetrates the water. In relation to UV system sizing this parameter is as decisive as water flow rate. In general, the higher the water quality, the higher UVT. However, water that looks very clear can still have low UVT if it contains certain dissolved substances such as iron, manganese, etc. ULTRAAQUA offers free in-house measurement of UVT from a supplied water sample.  


U-configuration ( 220 and 350 LUVT series)

In many cases it is an advantage that inlet and outlet are on the same level. This is often the preferred configuration for installations to fit existing pipe systems. If the UV system is installed with a bypass, the U-configuration is often the simpler solution.


Custom-made systems

ULTRAAQUA can offer optimized custom-made UV systems based on your specific requirements. ULTRAAQUA can offer UV systems with customized connection sizes and/or orientation. ULTRAAQUA can also offer even larger systems than the standard current available.



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MR1-350SS LUVT with automatic cleaning for wastewater disinfection in Prison Langi Kal Kal, Australia.

Luumäki, Finland

ULTRAAQUA MR12-350SS LUVT - low UVT - treating municipal wastewater in Luumäki, Finland.

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